From a family recipe, to the biggest producer of  Pão de Queijo, (pown-deh-kay-zho ) ), known  cheese bread in the world, founded in 1991, Maricota Alimentos, started producing the cheese bread and broinha mineira, from a family recipe. Over the years, Dona Dirce, brought new recipes to Maricota, with the highest quality, and always keeping the homemade taste. Today, Maricota still a family company, with more than 500 collaborators who works, with love to bring products with homemade taste to the tables of Brazil and the world.  Maricota’s traditional Cheese Bread is  made with natural ingredients, is naturally gluten, sugar and trans fat, visit our page to check all the cheese bread verities and other products.
Certified: FDA, IFS foods and Halal.


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