Suavipan was founded in the city of São Paulo in 1998 and since then has been committed to developing and manufacturing the best and healthiest food in its category. For this, it works with the most select raw materials.

We have four distinct product lines, marketed throughout Brazil. The Zero Line addition of sugars is the pioneer, is always updated so that your formula is better and tastier, being composed of delicious Cakes (250g), Dumplings (40g) and Doughnuts (35g), ideal for diabetic people and, also, for those people who care about health and fitness, since it contains low calories and high fiber content.

The line of organic products is aimed at the preservation of health and the environment, as they use socially correct means and raw materials in their manufacture. This line consists of Muffins of three flavors: chocolate, banana and orange. On the packaging you will find the Organic Product Brazil label that indicates that the product is within Brazilian standards and is evaluated by an entity accredited by the Ministry of Agriculture, the ECOCERT BRASIL group that supervises and certifies organic products. Being a pioneer in the subject, Suavipan created such products in response to the need to innovate, putting healthy, nutritious products online, without any kind of pesticides, but without losing the taste and quality inherent to all the company’s products.

The Integral Product Line is a perfect combination of nutrition and flavor. Composed of Cakes (250g), Dumplings (40g) and Honey Bread (35g), this line has a greater amount of vitamins, minerals and fibers that help regulate the intestine. Its quality is in its raw materials, since it uses 100% wholemeal flour, canola oil and has zero lactose.

The Levslim Line is the great novelty among our products. Composed of delicious Alfajores that besides tasty and healthy, are the best choice for your dessert, With a delicious filling of ganache and zero addition of sugars, this makes the joy of your day.

Updated in relation to the latest trends and novelties in the field of food health, Suavipan is always ahead of its time, as it believes that the best way to respect its customers is by providing them with the best and healthiest in the market.

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